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Level 7/ Masters-British Qualifications

UCLAbidjan Currently offer 2 Level 7/ Masters program. Online , On campus and a blend of both. Regardless your chosen methods, you will end up in a Highly paid employment/ promotion in your actual job.Join the Home of Possibility Thinkers.- Ofqual Approved and Accredited by  ATHE in United Kingdom.

 Level 7 Extended Diploma / Masters Level in Strategic Management 

The qualification covers key areas of management such as Finance, HR, Marketing and Personal Development and prepares learners for a range of careers.

It also provides entry to an MBA top-up at a range of universities in the UK and overseas. The qualification typically takes 9 months full-time study to achieve and  is considered by many to be  flagship Qualification . As well as the Extended Diploma option (120 credit) there is a Diploma option (60 credit).

Revised version:

  • All units will be graded Pass, Merit and Distinction and learners will receive an overarching grade of pass, merit or distinction.

  • We have revised existing units in response to feedback and added new units such as International Finance

  • We have developed pathways which will enable learners to specialise in an area of their choice if they prefer. These pathways are​

    • Finance

    • Marketing

    • Managing People

    • International

  • We have created two sizes of qualification – 60 credits and 120 credits

Jobs Links & Salary

Few jobs below to show you on avaregae your potential earning after a Level 7/Masters course at UCLAbidjan or online


 Level 7 Extended Diploma/ Master in Accounting and Finance 

  • Corporate Reporting for Strategic Business -Advanced

  • Core Financial Management-Advanced

  • Management for Strategic Performance -Advanced

  • UK Taxation for Business and Individuals

  • Audit and Compliance Advanced


The Level 7 Extended Diploma / Master in Accounting and Finance has been designed to enhance the advanced knowledge and skills required by senior finance professionals. Learners completing this qualification will be able to work strategically in finance at a corporate level. Areas of study include financial reporting, mergers and acquisitions, management accounting, audit and compliance.

The Level 7 Accounting and Finance qualification is available as a 100-credit Extended Diploma. The qualification is graded Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Next Progression:

You can progress to an MBA Top-up from the ATHE Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management. The MBA Top-up typically takes 9 months to study and varies in price from £3,360 to £6,250 depending on which university you apply to. For information on MBA top-ups please see . 


Employment opportunity is also available to you anywhere in the world; in Banking, Management, Finance and International organisations.. After Our Level 7/ Master in strategic Management we will create the conditions for employments however if you are willing to progress in further studies in the UK our Partners Universities will be happy to have you.

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