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Earn  Reputable BRITISH  Degree  &  Advance  Your   Career...

We'll provide you with a unique educational business model to give you the opportunity to acquire skills that matters in a real business environment. Your Learnt skills will ultimately match your future role at your employment or business. We work hard to narrow down the gap between the classroom and the business place. Entrepreneurs are made up not born, so become one with our touch. 

Universal College of Learning is an Education and Training institution with a Social (charitable) Mandate; We also bring British Education and Training outside the UK, one side; those who are less able to come to the UK and to another side to the rest who would not even dream of an International British Education and Training under their normal circumstance; and we did well last year in Abidjan.

 100% British Degree programs made available for just you
We're Accredited
Universal College of Learning London is accredited, us a further and Higher education Institution in the United Kingdom . Our qualifications are therefore recognised in  the world.
 Prestigious Reputation
The UK education and training is known of all us the reference. And Universal College of Learning London is committed to main to made available to you in full.
Different locations Same Diploma
Our quality control as an institution is maintain by the fact that our qualifications are all Ofqual tested  in UK as well as outside the  country. 


Hello Everyone  I am from Cote d'Ivoire. I join Universal  College of Learning last academic year;2019-2020, Business Management (Intl) and I am glad I did so. I was in Ghana, for English immersion and work experience and we got disturbed by COVID 19 pandemic yet I did enjoy the massive improvement in English; besides the pandemic, we still continued to do our learning and assessment online. I learnt so much that anytime I walk to a Business my learning make sense . What a wonderful experience Join me next year and  you will know what I am talking about, I might also be mentor. 

Cafo Louise

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Frequently Asked Questions


When Can I Start ?


Will my  degree recognised?

Will I get support

Would I get to study abroad


Whether you join us On  Campus  or Online we do have provision to accommodate everyone at anytime ;Join us anytime of the year for our Online programs however our On campus provision may vary from country to country. In normally we would have up to 3 entrees per academic year. 


We are British Accredited and worldwide recognised so are our qualifications. We are also part of a big University network  to make sure that you get the best education from us and our world class university partners.


Our online provision is 100% automated yet we are always an email away, All Our  Lecturers are approachable and helpful'; Conferences will be held to reinforce the support to our students; an opportunity for extra support.


We are the most sure and secure way to join a Universities in UK-USA-and EU without putting yourself in danger. Our network of University would make it possible for a smooth transition should you decide to continue your education and training oversea.

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