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More than a University a Life Experience 

Learning Within the Context

Although it is not the teacher’s job to entertain students, it is vital to engage them in the learning process. We then take them, provide work that stretches their Thinking, Yet we remain focused on the market demand to create relevance. Whatever subject we offer is based on its relevance in the next 5 to 20 years. We refuse to engage your sons and daughters in programs that could neither provide employment nor business opportunity.


​At UCL We understand that people are unique not a copy hence we have more than one method of assessment to suit Teaching and learning; We could provide an Exam base, Continuous assessment, and also a blend of previous assessment methods. Our system creates chances and opportunities for all regardless of your learning abilities and challenges.

The Mindset of a Leader,

What age have you set to reach your full potential that God might maximize your life? Could you write down in 50 pages or more what your full potential is in every area of your life? Accepting your full potential is 100%, what % rating would you give yourself right now? Accepting the deficiency between the two scores, what plans are you going to make to take up the shortfall, and when? Don’t wait for it to happen, prepare for it.-P.J.Daniel- We also teach our students to understand that the mindset of a leader is not criple by past and present failure since failure itself is another opportunity to get it right at trampoline for excellence, it can only become tangible if you give into it.

Opportunity to Practice 

At Universal College of learning, we provide you with a unique educational business model to enable you to compete at all levels worldwide; We give you the opportunity to practice as you go, in a real business environment, with transferable skills that match your future role in demand at your employment or business. We aim to narrow down the gap between the classroom and the business place. Our expectation is to deliver your child back to you ready to take on that position or lead that business with ease. Hence we offer every academic year work experience and language (English, French, Spanish)Bootcamp. Entrepreneurs are made up, not born, so become one with our touch.

Feedback & Reflective Thinking

The conversation is the Lubrication of Learning and Development, your Lecturer at UCL will feed you back with the aim to be fair, constructive, relevant, and within the Learning criteria. However, we’ll tell you the truth that has the power to get you on track.  Your part of the process; your reflective thinking on the other hand will determine your success or your lack of it. Remember you can change your life by changing your thinking and we are here to see you through.

Turn Your Projects Into Business

You’ve got to be agile, mobile, and hostile and you should stop talking about faith, reading about faith, praying about faith, singing about faith, and then going out and get the J.O.B (Just Over Broke) with the most security in it. It’s time you own corporations and employed people.-P.J. Daniels- For everyone of our apprentices, there is a project that will ultimately become your business under our Business Incubation Program. Based on our expertise we are able to help you create a business with little or no capital at all. It is possible you just need to think outside the box (cage of limitation and impossibility) 

Reinvent yourself- develop leadership to become a Possibility Thinker

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